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We are focused in international clients. For them, we perform all the accounting services they could possibly need, like bookkeeping, tax returns, offshore company formation, FIRPTA and more. We are ready to cover your accounting needs as well.

International Tax

Key Corporate & Individual International Tax Services

With clients in more than 20 countries, Brickell Accountants has the international tax experience to define global tax strategies that minimize your tax liability worldwide.

Operating in the global market means complicated tax planning, reporting, and compliance challenges. Our multi-lingual international tax professional manage all of your corporate and individual compliance needs while providing planning services and effective tax structures.

Whether you’re a U.S. business looking for opportunities abroad or a globally based business looking for opportunities here in the U.S., we are here to help you succeed. In addition, our international tax experts have experience helping organizations comply with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).

Our clients include:

– U.S. citizens with interests overseas

– Non-resident aliens with business operations in the U.S.

– Foreigners with investments in U.S. real estate

– U.S. businesses with foreign operations

– Non-resident aliens migrating to the U.S.

Key Corporate International Tax Services

– Comprehensive tax planning relating to hybrid instruments and entities, foreign tax credits, controlled foreign corporations, income tax treaties, branch profits tax, branch level interest tax, cross-border transactions, classification, withholding, and location of intellectual property and holding companies

– Structuring of foreign investment in the United States and U.S. investments abroad

– Coordination and preparation of U.S. federal, state and local income tax returns for U.S. business entities with foreign owners and foreign business entities operating in the United States including information returns with regards to cross-border withholding, transactions with foreign related parties, foreign bank accounts, and U.S. ownership of foreign corporations and partnerships

– Transfer pricing studies

– Due diligence

– Use of tax holidays in foreign jurisdictions

Key Individual International Tax Services

– Comprehensive tax planning including the analysis of foreign tax credits, income tax treaties, foreign earned income exclusion, expatriation, residency elections, and dual-residency filing

– Pre-immigration and expatriation planning

– Compensation planning to minimize U.S. income, payroll, and estate taxes

– Foreign trusts, estates, and foundations

– Coordination and preparation of U.S. federal, state, and local income tax returns for both patriates and expatriates

– U.S. permanent residents living abroad

– Foreign nationals residing in the U.S.

– Foreign investments in the U.S.

– Voluntary disclosures

– U.S. international assignment services

– Recipient of foreign gifts and inheritance

Our international tax expertise is vast and we’d love to put our knowledge to work for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us now.

Tax Services

Tax Returns

U.S. Tax regulations, the accountants will ensuring that tax returns are completed correctly and filed in a timely manner. The accountants can also engage in tax planning, with the intent of deferring or eliminating tax payments.

Accounting Services


Our Bookkeepers have the responsible to ensure that all money is accounted for your business and/or personal.

Tax Services


The disposition of a U.S. real property interest by a foreign person (the transferor) is subject to income tax withholding (IRC section 1445).

Finances Services

Offshore Company Formation

Offshore company incorporation, or forming a company in a different country than you reside, is the same process as filing domestic legal entities.

The articles of incorporation are drafted according to legal statute. The documents are filed with the jurisdiction government office by a licensed company, as required by law.

Then, initial offshore company formation documents and registration certificates, as well as a declaration location of a registered agent within the incorporating jurisdiction, are filed with the appropriate agencies.

The exact requirements of forming offshore companies varies from each jurisdiction. Regardless of your jurisdiction, Brickell Accountants will complete all of your paperwork, file your documents, set up your registered agent and facilitate the entire offshore incorporation process for you.

Incorporating Offshore

Incorporating offshore requires that costs and fees be paid to the incorporating jurisdiction and various agents of representation. Here is a list of items that are included in most of our offshore company incorporation packages:

  • – Offshore companies incorporation fee
  • – Post incorporation structure fee
  • – Initial license fee
  • – Disbursements
  • – Annual statutory fee
  • – Annual compliance fee
  • – Annual license fee

We form thousands of offshore companies for a worldwide consumer base and have become the largest incorporation service in the US. We are rated number one in customer service. Call Brickell Accountants today to find out how quickly and easily we can help with your offshore service needs.

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