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The Internal Revenue Service has supplemented its online tax account tool with some new self-service features for taxpayers and their preparers. The IRS debuted the tool last December, offering taxpayers the ability to look up basic information such as the balance due on their taxes and different IRS payment options. The IRS said Tuesday it […]

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Investors with sterling financial discipline see big income tax refunds as mistakes. For the rest of us, though, a big refund can be a shot at redemption. “I remember at the beginning of my career, I would push really hard not to let people get refunds,” said Marc Roland, managing partner at San Diego-based Dean Roland Russell […]

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Contingent legal fees are customary in personal injury cases. Increasingly, they are the norm in employment lawsuits too. Indeed, the variety of cases in which contingent legal fees are common is still expanding. These days, even large law firms may handle some cases on contingency. So, how about paying your tax adviser a percentage of the […]

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